Friday, 3 August 2012

Keith Disclose death of Stephen Gately!!!

Keith reveals that the death of Stephen Gately helped to bring Boyzone even more closer.

Keith unleashed that the tragic death just in age of 33 is really a great shock for him and their band members Ronan, Shane and Mikey.

Dad-of-two Keith, 37, said: “As time goes on the gaps in between become easier to manage, but dates like the anniversary are obviously tough, very tough.

“But I think Steo’s passing actually helped bring us closer together, in a way.

“It was such a tragic event and such a shock but we were there for each other and still are. It almost brought us closer having been through something like that.”

He said: “We’ve plans in place for a tour and an album next year for the 20th anniversary — that’s if people want to come and see us!

“We’ve a very loyal fanbase that always come in their thousands. It’s a nice set-up. We never broke up, so we can take time out to do our own thing, and then get back together when it suits.”